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Magic Maintenance Plans

     This year we are starting our Magic Maintenance Club.

This is to keep your costs down and provide more benefits for YOU, our repeat customers.

These plans vary from basic to magic and the best part is they can all be paid at low monthly costs.

     Basic:  This plan is great for maintaining warranties and preventing system failures. As well as documenting the running specs for future comparison. These are termed “Basic” because it’s limited to what we can do within a basic time window of 2 hours, including drive time. 

     Advanced:  This one is simple. Here we are adding in the deep cleaning every system deserves to our already awesome maintenances. With Advanced we take everything apart and clean it inside and out. This simple task increases the life span of the equipment and restores system efficiency. From the condo-pump to the compressor every part is happy when it’s clean.

     Magic:  This Plan is the best we can possibly do for your system. This plan includes replacing components that commonly fail within the system. It also includes deep cleaning and all the aspects of Basic and Advanced.  Here you can take advantage of bundle pricing to get the best deal on these parts. Perfect for a system that has not been maintained for some time. We can get the system up to par and then keep it that way. We are also taking a deeper look into the set-up and commissioning of the system and taking steps to ensure your system will be as efficient as possible for as long as possible.

     HVAC is Safety First. And we keep that in mind when working on your equipment. Our ultimate goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe and at a comfortable temperature while ensuring that your system will operate safely and efficiently for the season to come.  We aim to offer the best service possible at an honest price.  

     FYI: Most Repairs are Maintenance Related i.e.: Clogged drains, plugged pressure tubing, dirty filters, low batteries, low capacitors, dirty flame sensors, pilot assemblies and dirty coils. The list goes on and on. The point of a maintenance is to prevent expensive Repair Calls by taking care of these routine maintenance procedures ahead of time.

Every Plan will keep your warranty valid, prevent failures and document running specs. But some plans offer more than others.

 For complete task lists, please ask for more Info from our awesome office staff. 

Here is a brief pricing list. 

The list views better on desktop. 

Gas Furnaces:

                                    Basic                                 Advanced                                 Magic

1st Unit                      $138.00                               $276.00                                  $960.00

      Monthly                    $11.50                                        $23.00                                           $80.00

Electric Furnaces:

                                    Basic                                Advanced                                 Magic

1st Unit                      $138.00                               $276.00                                  $780.00

       Monthly                   $11.50                                        $23.00                                          $65.00

Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Package Heat Pump:

                               Basic                                  Advanced                                 Magic

1st Unit                      $138.00                               $276.00                                  $960.00

       Monthly                   $11.50                                        $23.00                                          $80.00

Mini-Split Heat Pumps:

                                Basic                                 Advanced                                 Magic

1st Head                  $138.00                               $225.00                                  $420.00

       Monthly                  $11.50                                        $18.75                                          $35.00

2nd Head                $60.00                                  $90.00                                    $90.00

       Monthly                  $5.00                                          $7.50                                            $7.50


4-Head Basic= $318                     4-Head Advanced= $495      4-Head Magic= $690

4 head monthly= $26.50              4-head monthly= $41.25       4 head monthly= $57.50

Non-Club Basic at $450 for 4 head.

Once per year.

      Gas Fireplaces

1st Unit                   $162.00

       Monthly                 $13.50

Water Heaters            

                             With Drain                       Without Drain

1st Unit                  $138.00                               $180.00

       Monthly               $11.50                                       $15.00    


 For complete task lists pleas Ask for more Info from our awesome office staff. 

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