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When determining a duct size you should use a duct-calculator. When sizing for a whole house, always start with how much airflow the system is capable of pushing.  After a branch, the supply should be reduced to maintain air-velocity.  Size of ducts is determined by volume of air in each room. My old teacher use to say that "you can't blow more than you can suck". lol

That is very true when it comes to airflow. Your Return must be capable of sucking as much air as the blower can blow. 

You must insulate the supply ducts if you have A/C and any of the duct-work is out-side the building envelope.  We offer a variety of insulation options and styles. 

Duct-work must be sealed. The photo to the left is showing off the craftsmanship before sealing. 


Duct-work must be suspended and supported every 4'

 We pull permits for all jobs 

We accept all Custom Jobs 





Want flex ducts replaced so rodents don't keep getting in them? We prefer smooth metal duct-work with proper supports and insulation.












Lost your Cat inside the duct-work? Pulled the blower motor to find this little kitty. dropped down a small rug for the kitty to climb onto. 

Does your duct-work make a loud noise when the furnace comes on? Adding Curved return and duct-work with cross-breaks should help. 

Do you need more head-room for an ADU? Replace duct-work with a main trunk-line and use top-take-offs to keep supply's in the joist bay. 

Do you want to move your furnace to another location in the home?










Or just move a duct?

Wanna know if you can add another duct-run to existing duct-work?

Will there be enough CFM's?

            Just Call the Pro's here at Magic Mike's Heating and Cooling

And When you Need Duct-Cleaning..

we recommend: Better Air Northwest!!! 

And Yes to all you beautiful Contractors out there doing remodels.. We install bathroom vents, dryer vents, and hood venting. 

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